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so vampire cat / wind-up bird / one am radio / xiu xiu was tonight at university of DE

i have to say. it was pretty fucking amazing. i missed vampire cat, but from what i hear i didn't miss much. the wind-up bird was mostly laptop based. he had a speaker set up in each corner of the room and sat down in the middle with his computer and mixing boxes and everyone sat in a circle around him while he sung into the 20 minute long drone thing he was doing. it was pretty awesome for a laptop performance. the sound was just swelling and sweeping all around the room and kept getting more and more chaotic as it went on.

one am radio came on next and were also really good. everyone sat down for the set. i didn't really want to, but i didn't want to be a dousche bag standing up in front while everyone else couldn't see. they didn't play "what you gave away" though, and that might be one of my favorite songs.

xiu xiu wasn't quite as intense as i had expected. i thought Jamie would be insane, but he's generally a pretty normal guy. a little crazy, but not even half as insane as he sounds on recordings. he had a girl playing with him, and freddy rupert doing his merch. freddy rupert is the kid that does This Song Is A Mess, But So Am I and is pretty much an awesome kid. apparently it was his 17th birthday and everyone sung to him. sadly, Xiu Xiu didn't play "apistat commander" or "i love the valley, OH!" the stuff from the upcomming album sounds really good though. not as abstract as everything else he's done. there were these two guys standing next to me that i wanted to strangle. Jamie pulled out an auto-harp while he was setting up and then for the next 15 minutes, i swear, their conversation went something like: "autoharp? autoharp! AUTOHARP!! autoharp? he had better play that autoharp. autoharp." no, jackass, he brings autoharps on tour so dumbass kids can freak out about it.

the burning question: where was sarah?

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so i just started my christmas shopping today. i did decent.

the realiter called at 2:00, waking me up, telling me i was accepted for my apartment. she gave some details, i scribbled some down, then laid back down until 2:45 or so. when i was finally motivated to get up, i went to the living room and found dad had given me and my sister money to go christmas shopping. i figured it was time to get off my ass and do something.

first i went to depford's best buy to get a couple things. i got all i came to get except for one cd. so i went to the mall to go to sam goody and the line was wrapped around the store, blocking most of the cds, so i couldn't even get to the section that i was looking for. i said screw it and left, stopping at the candy store for my first meal of the day - reese's cups, oompas, and bottle caps.

then, i went to barnes and noble, just because i didn't really feel like going home yet. i started looking for these two graphic novels, but i didn't know exactly what they were called. (Blankets by Craig Thompson, and Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware)

so i left B&N and went home to look up those books. i left and went to Borders in DE to look for that cd and the books. the cd wasn't there, so i browsed the books. i couldn't find the Jimmy Corrigan one, but i found Blankets right away. I almost didn't get it, because it was $30. I picked it up, grabbed a latte, and read some of it. suddenly, i was on page 50 and was like "wow, i guess i'm going to go buy it" so i did, came home and then read the rest of it. it is 582 pages long. it doesn't take that long to read though, since it's like a big comic book. easily one of the greatest things i have ever read. i'm probably going to read it again before i go to bed, and then probably again saturday at the punk rock flea market if i get bored

i think that's about all the information i care to divulge at this time, but suffice it to say it has not been the best week.
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this is the funniest website ever. click on "new by eugene" and watch the videos. or here's links to the best ones

the pot video
the art video

dude's hilarious. there's an mp3 for his stand-up in the news section

anyway, i'm working on getting my apartment paperwork filled out. as long as i'm approved to rent it and all, i'll be on like, 13th and locust or something around there on the first week of jan.
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this thing is so neglected, i'm not even going to try to start where i left off.

friday i worked and then went to the F.O.P. show. turns out past having doubt had already played and left except josh, so i gave him a couple copies of the comp cd. Veda Skyes had also already played, so i gave them some copies, too. i looked around, found out Dismember the Body had also played, looked around again, then left. i probably played final fantasy online the rest of the night

My Mogwai - Young Team LP and An Albatross/XBXRX split 7" came in. Both are awesome. it's also probably my favorite mogwai release. if not, it's because rock action is so damn good.

i got my table reserved for the punk rock flea market, so i've been busy getting stuff ready for that. i'm getting a buttload of new stuff with the money i got from selling magic cards. i don't feel like listing it, it's all up on gladiatorialenterprise.com. i cut a stencil for spraypainting patches tomorrow. i can't think of anything in recent memory that has been that much of a pain in the ass.

kids have been giving me crazy good feedback for the couple things i recorded. http://www.purevolume.com/onethousandbrokendreams

eh, i'm done.

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Art Institute of Philly has the smallest acceptance letter.


i got in.

p.s. i had to mail some crap to some woman named Karen Bohner. i have the sense of humor of a freshman
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ciarra's birthday was last weekend. i took her out and we watched the polar express. it was good, but i never read the book.

i finally listened to the rest of the Saddest Landscape album. I had a single mp3 for months. I don't know why kids talk shit on this band. very quality. true, their name is kind of lame, and the guy sounds pretty pathetic sometimes, but it's good regardless.

i got my application for art institute in the other night. reeaaallly hoping i get in.

i recorded some song the other day. the audio levels are kind of messed up, but whatever. http://www.purevolume.com/onethousandbrokendreams

i started recording something else today, but i bounced the tracks and it got all fucked and i just said screw it. i'll do it tomorrow.
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halloween - me and ciarra handed out candy and watched halloween and kubrick's The Shining. barely any kids were out and the ones that were, wore these half-assed costumes that they must have made up 5 min before leaving. lame.

i just got this thing off of ebay called a Theremin. it's the coolest thing in the world. it's this sound box that transfers light into a pulse tone that sounds like this:

i'm going to take it and send it through phase, reverb, and distortion and it'll be awesome.

i also got a m-audio midi controller the other day i've been playing with. as soon as i get an amp and a real drum machine, i'll do some serious recording and play some shows. my mom came in a few minutes ago because i was shaking the walls with some low synth. hott.

does anyone want to go the black dice/animal collective/growing show on the 20th? it's at the same place as the wolf eyes show. more info's at www.r5productions.com/shows.html

i went to the art institute the other day to talk to admissions and i took a tour of the place. i loved it, so i'm hopefully going to go there next semester. they have a kick-ass audio editing program with labs full of G5s and soundboards. mmmmm